Shipping & Returns

Shipping & returns


Orders are typically shipped within one business day of being placed. You can always see what the shipping amount will be before you complete your order by viewing your shopping bag, clicking on “Add Info” on the Shipping line below your sub-total, and entering your country, province/state and postal code/zip code.  If you are unable to see a shipping amount for your location, or if the amount shown seems incorrect, please Contact Us for assistance.

Once you’ve completed your order you will receive email updates as it progresses, including a tracking number once it has actually been shipped.

Products that are out of stock will be clearly marked as such. If a product is not marked as “Out Of Stock” then it is currently in stock at our Abbottabad warehouse and is available for purchase.


Any returns must first be authorized by us. Returns are accepted within 7 days after the shipment is delivered to you.  If you will not be able to examine your order immediately upon delivery, please consider asking us to delay shipping until a date that you will be able to inspect it in a timely manner.

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